Cybersecurity Services

Expert assistance before, during, and after a cyber breach.

Arm your organization in the fight against cyberattacks by partnering with the experts at Avalon Cyber. Through our proactive and reactive cyber services, we help businesses identify and manage cyber risk and assist them in prioritizing their response to prevent cyber incidents from occurring. Our team of highly qualified experts also works closely with attorneys whose clients have experienced cyber breaches, by helping them navigate and resolve the situation, with solutions that range from incident response to data breach notification print and mail services

If your client has been compromised, Avalon Cyber offers full incident response support, including threat hunting, actionable threat intelligence, digital forensics, and a comprehensive report detailing the results of our breach investigation.

The men and women who deliver our managed security services have decades of experience in information security, have or previously have held top secret government clearances, and possess key industry certifications including: CISSP, OSCP, GPEN, CISM, CISA, CCNA, CCE, CFCE, EnCE, ACE, GXPN, OSCE, GSEC, ECIH, SSCP, CCSFP, and SEC+.

Avalon Cyber stands ready to assist you with the tools and team required to help prevent – and to recover from – cyber breaches. If you are interested in taking advantage of our services for your clients, or for your firm, please contact our team today.